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Silly hats only.

I keep trying to type "hats" and I keep accidentally typing "hates". I feel like this is telling of my personality.

There are so many things we don't even think twice about doing as children, and as adults wouldn't even CONSIDER. It's sad. Why aren't I as much fun as I used to be? Why does adulthood have to be about creaky bones, degenerative diseases and sitting on a chaise lounge talking about those damn kids, their rap music, and why they won't stop throwing the frisbee near your head.

Being an adult sucks. I need to go run through a sprinkler fully clothed or something. Bleck.


I feel like as far as adults go who haven't grown up, you do ok in the rankings! last I checked there were plenty of picture of frisbees and swimming in your clothes posted- i agree that growing older doesn't mean you have to grow up!