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GTFO Bitches.

I'm no firestarter, but you may want to consider the Stop Drop and Roll.

I made the mistake of staying up exceedingly late last night, so instead of waking up at 8am today I woke up at 10. Failure. So much for going to Millbury to czech out that car.

My dad's birthday was yesterday, and before we went out to celebrate we stopped by my sister's ex husband's house to drop off a bunch of stuff I put together for his trip. I once again realized how much I miss having a brother.

I've pretty much failed to meet all the goals I set for myself this week and I'd be lying if I were to say that could be blamed on anyone or anything other than myself. Except for spending money. The only thing I spent money on was my dad.

I need to get thee to a mailbox before I get really pissed and try to send more than I need to. There are so many things wrong here I'm not sure where to shine the spotlight. I've never claimed perfection by any means but there are certain things that are just blatantly wrong, fucked up, and pathetic. I am starting to understand why all the ties I encouraged the reunion of remained in separate worlds.

This song ...auditorily.. illustrates how I've felt since I woke up this morning to rage in the plague age. The feeling, not the song.
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